Meek Mill is up to something. The Philadelphia rhymer has posted a series of mysterious posts on Instagram about injustices against African-Americans in the U.S. including his own case.

"American criminal justice system holds more than 2.3 million people in confinement," read the text over all-black-screen as sirens are heard in the background. The series of messages continued: "African Americans are only 13% of the American population but constitute 40% of the incarcerated population. The case of Robert Williams aka Meek Mill is emblematic to the systemic problems of our criminal justice system. In spite of police misconduct perjury, bias and corruption found within the Narcotics Field Unit resulting in 800 case dismissals in 2014, Meek Mill remains on probation. Meek Mill will be on probation his entire adult life until 2023."

The messages came with more pointed subtitles. "How can I pledge allegiance to the flat when they killing all our sons, all our dads?" read one. "Odds against you and they double stack STAY WOKE," read another.

The other post shared a message Meek Mill got from Brother Sharif. "I was just checking you out on the View. We're all representin' man. The brothers up here are glued to the TV. You know everybody appreciates you man, appreciates your advocacy. But more importantly, the men respect the fact that you're a man of your word. You kept your word," read the text as he spoke.

Brother Sharif went on to talk about Meek's presiding judge, who's been accused of having a personal vendetta against him. "But listen, food for thought. But I was checking out the judge. The slave chief. Call her what she is, the slave chief. I see she's still hell-bent on chasin' down dream chasers. Tryna stop 'em. They're unstoppable. But you know when she booked you, she thought that loss was going to basically damage or destroy you. She ain't had to no idea or she couldn't even fathom that AT THE END OF EVERY LOSS THERE'S A VALUABLE LESSON."

The messaging also made appearances IRL. Screens featuring the words "STAY WOKE" in gothic font appeared at the 1 OAK in Los Angeles. The Dreamchasers logo at the lower right corner points to something music-related.


The posts come a month after he dropped a preview of a song that mentions Drake's name. However, Meek hasn't confirmed that there's a new album on the way. In the meantime, Meek has been publicly speaking out against mass incarceration. Although the hearing for this new trial ended with no decision, he held a rally, Justice in Philly, earlier this week. He's also selling "Stay Woke" shirts in collaboration with Puma. The proceeds will go to Gathering for Justice, an organization dedicated to fixing the criminal justice system.