Sitting together right at the forefront of UK rap are Section Boyz and Trillary Banks. There are, of course, others but Section and Banks stand out for their longevity and their success. They also happen to be good friends behind the scenes.

So it's a blessing then that Banks decided to link up with crew member Sleeks for this distinctly Caribbean-sounding collaboration. "Red Tape" originally started out as a solo Trillary Banks effort, but Sleeks' slick contribution was well worth holding out for. Maschine Man Tim's production's a little different from the kind of beat Sleeks usually rides, but that switch-up has brought something unexpected out of him. Frankly, we'd like to hear more.

Sleeks explained to Complex via email:

"We are friends so, one day, we were talking and we said 'let's arrange a studio session' and then, boom, we made our way down to the studio and things just started flowing. We worked on two ideas and this was the second one and we loved this one so ran with it and here we are."

Trillary added:

"If you haven't realised yet, I fucks with Section Boyz. I have an unreleased tune that they love and Sleeks was asking when the tune was coming out and expressed an interest in it. I always like to keep it fresh and pattern something new so I arranged a session. My producer, Maschine Man Tim, sent some beats and we both gravitated towards this one. It was organic, it was fun, and after it was mixed we just knew we needed to get it out there. I'm just giving my supporters what they're asking for, so here it goes."

Stream "Red Tape" exclusively below.