NYC-based electro pop duo Gilligan Moss are preparing to release their new EP What Happened? and today they're releasing the video for lead single "Want U So Bad". Boasting influences as wide-reaching as UGK and Radiohead, the pair are nothing if not eclectic. On "Want U So Bad", however, it's the influences of Daft Punk's angular funk that can be heard most clearly. To match the playful tone of the track itself, director Rianne White (as the band explain below) went down the schlocky horror film avenue in a likeably over-the-top way.

"When we were thinking about a video for this song, we wanted to do something that involved dance and didn't take itself too seriously," they explained to Complex via email. "Rianne came to us with the brilliant idea of a Tarantino-y, B movie vampire video, which perfectly fits the campy, playful tone of the song. As the vampire enters the club, each of her victims falls under the infectious spell of the song—something we hope happens to you when you watch this video."