Since 2005, Argentinian producer Pedro Canale has been hard at work on his latest musical project, Chancha Vía Circuito, an international venture that focuses on pushing his Latin influences out into the wider world. Now he's ready with the latest track under that banner, "Ilaló", the lead single from his upcoming album Bienaventuranza (due June 8, pre-order here).

The new track features composer and multi-instrumentalist Mateo Kingman and takes its inspiration (and its title) from Mount Ilaló in Ecuador. Appropriately enough, Canale and Kingman returned to the mountain with director Pablo Naranjo and Volta Films to film the track's video. Together, they capture the mountain in the mist-covered dawn, creating an almost mystical atmosphere that becomes more and more prominent as the video progresses (peaking with a surreal series of shots featuring our protagonist and his doppelgänger facing off to the sound of the pulsating Latin rhythms).

On the inspiration for the video, Kingman explained to Complex via email: "When Pedro sent me the track to make the collaboration, I climbed Mount Ilaló where I found the inspiration of the dawn. We decided to film the video clip of this song on the same mountain, between shadows and sunrises. At dawn, the world is lighter, like a bird. At dawn, the earth is new, just as new looks and illusions are."

Immerse yourself above.