It appears every single person on Earth has a public opinion on Kanye West’s most recent outlandish comments on slavery. Of course, TMZ is here to collect some of them. The outlet caught up with comedian Michael Blackson at LAX on Thursday to get his reaction to Kanye’s “slavery sounds like a choice” comments. 

Blackson also didn’t understand or condone the comments, like pretty much everyone who has reacted to this particular outburst. “He didn’t explain himself well enough, there is no way you could explain that,” Blackson said. He then provided what is likely the most provocative comparison yet: “That’s like saying his wife got robbed by choice.” 

Blackson suggested Kanye “blame” the comments on his opioid addiction, which he revealed during the same TMZ Live appearance as the slavery comments. “I’m sure there’s something—he just has to find a better way to explain that, because I’m not understanding, Kanye,” Blackson said, directly to camera. 

Finally, Blackson provided a different perspective: A native of Ghana himself, Blackson pointed out how he’s been to the slave castles in his hometown and has seen firsthand how Africans were captured and unable to fight back against the white men who forced them into slavery. “They couldn’t fight that battle, it wasn’t by choice,” he said. 

Blackson did suggest a silly way to try to snap Kanye out of his own ridiculousness: Take a photo of him with flash, hoping that it’ll snap him out of the sunken place like the characters in Get Out