Later this year, Wu-Tang Clan's legendary debut album will turn 25. To celebrate the record's infallible legacy, Loud Records founder Steve Rifkind has revealed that Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) will receive a full-blown remake featuring "nine MCs from today." 

Rifkind founded Loud Records all the way back in 1991, before selling the catalog to Sony in 2002. However, this year he's revived the record label in partnership with Legacy Recordings and RED Music, as Rolling Stone points out. To celebrate the relaunch of the label, which helped launch the careers of Wu-Tang, Big Pun, and Mobb Deep among countless others, Rifkind told XXL that he has some pretty big plans to celebrate 36 Chambers' 25th anniversary. 

"With Wu-Tang, we're gonna do a few things," he told XXL. "We're gonna remake the album with nine MCs from today and each new MC will play a character in the original 36 Chambers. There's gonna be a major tour cause it's also Wu's 25[th anniversary]." While he didn't offer an idea of who we can expect to hear on the album's remake, it's an interesting proposition considering how important the album is in the overall canon of hip-hop history.

It's not entirely clear on if the tour he's planning will focus on the new rappers paying tribute to 36 Chambers or see the group's surviving members reunite, but it's an exciting idea for fans of Wu-Tang regardless. He also told XXL that there's plans to celebrate the anniversary of Big Pun's debut album, Capital Punishment, although plans for that are still in the early stages right now.