Vancouver's Kresnt is certainly wasting no time making his mark on the music scene—both in his home country of Canada and beyond. The Afghan-Canadian just dropped a new project, The Lunar Phase with some pretty impressive collaborators, and the lead single's music video is well on its way to a million views. 

The six-track EP features production and engineering work by Ken Lewis, who is best known for his 55 Grammy nominatiosn and working with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Future to Wu Tang Clan and more. He also has a feature from Atlanta's Nessly, and last month released the first video to support the project—for "In Your Place"—and has since seen it clock over 500,000 views and counting. In addition to all the online success, Kresnt debuted the project at a sold-out listening party in his hometown last month. It seems he's making all the right moves, so we're keen to see if he can sustain the buzz he's building.

Watch "In Your Place" above and take in The Lunar Phase below via Spotify or on your favourite streaming platform.