The Grimes discography is very strong, and only stands to get even stronger with two new albums later this year. But what are Elon Musk's favorite cuts?

Musk was hit with that exact inquiry Tuesday and revealed a pair of excellent Art Angels tracks—"Flesh Without Blood" and "Kill W. Maim," respectively—as his chosen ones.

As the recent memes, jokes, and totally serious couple name suggestions have continually reminded us, Page Six claimed earlier this week that Grimes and Musk were "quietly dating" after meeting on Twitter. According to the very Page Six-y report, the two were acquainted when Musk tried to tweet an artificial intelligence joke before realizing Grimes had already made the same joke.

Shortly after the report, the two appeared together at the Met Gala.

As she announced back in February, Grimes is set to release one final "highly collaborative" album for her "shit label" 4AD. The untitled release will, after a "period of time," be followed by her first album on a label of her choosing that she's "crazy stoked about."

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