Trippie Redd and 6ix9ine's ongoing beef took a new turn on Saturday as they brought financial agreements with labels into the mix.

The conversation began when Trippie replied to one of 6ix9ine's Instagram videos with a comment that took credit for his success. "He should pay homage cause he wouldn't be shit without me," Trippie wrote. "I set the beef shit aside but I gave dude a name and he should be happy and showing me mad love cause without Trippie Redd he wouldn't have no Billboard hits."

6ix9ine responded to these comments by listing all of his accomplishments and telling Trippie, "How the fuck you make me if you didn't make yourself?"

"I helped you," Trippie said in a response video. "If I would have never given you the light of day, you wouldn't be nobody right now. You'd be in Brooklyn, broke as fuck, working at the deli again."

Then, Trippie claimed that he's currently getting paid because of 6ix9ine's success. "My label fucked with you, so they signed you, n***a," he said. "And I still eat off that to this day, my n***a. I get a finder's fee. When you find some talent, and you bring it to a label, there's this thing called a finder's fee. And you get that. I'm going to get that in August, baby."

In the next video, Trippie got specific about his financial incentive. "All them Billboard hits you're talking about, I get paid for it," he claimed. "I get 10 percent and I will never show anybody no fucking paperwork, because that's a breach of contract. Do I look dumb, n***a? That's the whole reason why I get 10 percent, because I'm not dumb, n***a."

Both Trippie Redd and 6ix9ine are signed to the same record label run by Elliot Grainge, but the specifics of their deals are not available to the public. Complex has reached out to their representatives for clarification on the situation.

6ix9ine didn't directly address the "10 percent" comments in his response video, but he did ask Trippie to show everyone the paperwork.

Trippie ended the back-and-forth—for now—by running through his hits and reminding everyone that he's getting a 10% finder's fee in August.