Ace Hood just released the highly anticipated Trust the Process II: Undefeated album today, on the Florida rapper’s 30th birthday. While some of us probably commemorate those occasions in more casual, passive ways, Hood’s album work alone will tell you a lot about the man—he’s a hard worker, and celebrates by doing. 

In addition to his new album now being available on all major streaming platforms, Hood is kicking off his multi-city promo tour with an exclusive Cannes Film Festival performance at Club VIP this Sunday. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at this brand new album hot off the presses, shall we? 

Undefeated, distributed through the rapper’s Hood Nation and EMPIRE Distribution, is an impressive 29-track project with production from talents like Kid Class, Foreign Teck, and Bobby Kritical. What’s even more impressive here, is that this is merely the sequel in a three-project series. If you recall, that first entry was one of the most critically acclaimed projects of 2017, breaking into the Top 20 Rap Album Sales chart on Billboard, the iTunes Top 10, and streamed nearly 40 million times across platforms. 

Hood went on tour in 44 cities across the country last year, to sold out shows and ravenous crowds. It’s pretty safe to say that the man deserves to celebrate, not just because it’s his birthday—but because he’s killing it, across the board. Now, it’s time to dig into the tracklist here and get a clearer sense of what to expect.

1. Intro (Earth Strong)
2. 80’s Baby
3. 3 Bless
4. Undefeated
5. Beast Mode (Intro)
6. Beast Mode
7. Chosen
8. Right On (feat. Slim Diesel)
9. Fwea (feat. Slim Diesel)
10. Live, Love, Shine
11. Eye
12. Nobody Panic
13. Element
14. Tango
15. Ace Hood - Speaks (Interlude)
16. Be Calm
17. Devil Get Off Me (feat. Slim Diesel)
18. A Rose
19. Can’t Keep Running
20. Testify
21. Keep It the Same
22. When U Wake
23. Bag Play
24. Ace Hood - Questions (Interlude)
25. Real Until the End (Interlude)
26. Guess Who
27. They Said
28. Each Other (feat. Scotty ATL)
29. Outro (New Beginnings)

The lead single, “Nobody Panic,” is simultaneously confessional yet energetic. “Nobody panic, we had to struggle, and I had my troubles but everyone managed,” Hood raps. If his words are anything to go by—and according to all of the above achievements, they definitely are—this album is probably best encapsulated by one its most direct bars: “This one is for the unbroken, those who refuse to quit.”

Happy Birthday, Ace. 

Trust the Process II: Undefeated is now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music.