The second entry in Ace Hood's Trust the Process trilogy is due later this month, but first we've got a new Hood video to enjoy.

See above for the new "Be Calm" video, featuring a super-sized Hood fighting his way through the track's three-minute running time. The video follows Hood's previous YouTube hits "Testify," "3 Bless," and "The Process."

Wednesday, Hood alerted fans to his fresh studio set-up and confirmed that he was currently in the process of wrapping up his new project. "I'm grateful for my new studio space," he said on Instagram. "Hoodnation we moving on up lol blessed! Anyway, I'm adding final touches to my new project."

Back in August, Hood spoke with Complex about the first Trust the Process tape. "It’s just like a smaller piece to a larger puzzle, moreso," he said at the time when asked to explain his plans for a Trust the Process trilogy. "It's the beginning of a process. That's what Trust the Process is. It's just me trusting my situation, trusting my past and what I have been through up to this point, and continuing to trust the process."

If the plans Hood teased then hold true, fans can expect a new full-length studio album by year's end. In the meantime, the 23-track Trust the Process: Undefeated is out May 11.