UPDATED 4/12/18: Per Nicki herself, the song in question is an old one.

See original story below.

Thursday will be a good great day, as we're getting a pair of new Nicki Minaj songs.

Ahead of their release, however, we have some annoying surfaced tracks with which to contend. Tuesday, a snippet of an unreleased Nicki track started popping up on Twitter. We're absolutely not going to link to the snippet here, but you can find one notable lyrical excerpt below:

I ain't never played a ho position
I ain't never had to strip to get the pole position

Obnoxiously, plenty of people will immediately leap to the conclusion that this is some sort of subtle jab at Cardi B. In fact, that's already happening. These interpretations ignore the fact that, as HipHop-N-More and others have pointed out, this snippet may have nothing to do with the two new tracks coming Thursday and is instead taken from a scrapped 2017 cut allegedly titled "Half Back." I should also remind anyone who jumps at the opportunity to pit women artists against each other that any notion of a beef or a feud or whatever has already been put to rest by Cardi B herself.

"I just feel like it's really internet made-up," Cardi told Ebro last week. "I really feel like fans and people really want to see that happen because it's really entertaining. To see people beef is entertaining."

A full new Nicki track—this time featuring Young Thug—has also surfaced. We also aren't going to link to or embed that one, squidbrains.

All we know for certain is that Thursday brings the premiere of new Nicki cuts "Barbie Tingz" and "Chun-Li." I'm fucking stoked.