Justin Bieber reportedly got into a scuffle during a Coachella party, and ended up punching a man was purportedly choking a woman. Luckily, Bieber won’t be hit with any criminal consequences because the man he decked in the face isn’t pressing charges, and police apparently can’t prove Bieber even punched the guy.

According to TMZ, the cops were called to the party on Saturday but couldn’t find a second witness to corroborate the story. Since the man also didn’t want to press charges, the case was shut.

Bieber attended the event with a friend. The incident erupted as he was socializing, when the attacker apparently “went ballistic.” Bieber and the friend repeatedly tried to mediate, but the attacker refused, screaming, “Go fuck yourself.”

Bieber then hit the guy and threw him into a wall, freeing the woman from his grasp, per TMZ. Insiders at the party claimed the guy looked to be on drugs, and that the woman might have been his ex-girlfriend.

Later, the attacker was reportedly seen running after an SUV because he believed the singer was inside. He was then arrested.