It's Crazy That 'The Life of Pablo' Was Kanye's Last Album

Who would've thought?

Kanye Make America Great Again

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Kanye Make America Great Again

I've never stanned for Kanye like some folks, or taken him too seriously as a rapper. I’ve always viewed him as more of an overall artist, like a Dr. Dre or a Diddy. Since I’ve never been the biggest fan, like most of you, I don't get too worked up about his music. Graduation is overrated. I’ve pretty much ignored Yeezus since it came out. But Pablo is one of my favorite Kanye albums. It takes the sounds he was experimenting with on Yeezus and expands on them while mixing in some of that old ‘Ye. Who would’ve thought that it would be his last album? I know. Crazy, right?

Even if this next album that’s supposedly dropping in June is Thriller-type levels of fire, I’m not sure I’ll be able to give it the time of day. I could be trippin’, a prisoner of the moment, but I don’t rock with Donald Trump or the people that support him. I almost ruined the Christmas dinner after the election by arguing with a family member that voted for him. Kanye West isn’t a family member. 

Trump doesn’t stand by the same things Kanye has claimed to be about. The only thing they have in common are their huge egos and passion for talking nonsense.

In terms of alienating a fanbase, this is by far the worst album rollout ever.

Remember on “New Day,” when Kanye rapped, “And I’ll never let my son have an ego/He’ll be nice to everyone, wherever we go/I mean I might even make him be Republican/So everybody know he love white people?" Apparently, he was being serious. Maybe he feels like aligning himself with people like Trump and Owens will get him that seat at the table he so desperately wants. Brother Kanye needs some guidance in his life because it seems like he has too many yes men in his corner at the moment. In terms of alienating a fanbase, this is by far the worst album rollout ever.

It feels like the goddamn Twilight Zone, man: This guy has racist, far-right conservatives using his tweets to align themselves with a celebrity, with rap music and its community. He has an autographed Make America Great Again hat, courts meetings with Peter Thiel, posts videos of Dilbert creator Scott Adams talking in circles while drawing circles. He keeps referencing Get Out, but Chris was able to get himself out of the Sunken Place. The way he’s been tweeting today, Kanye is more like Andre Hayworth, at the point of no return. This might be career suicide unless he can take in all the MAGA supporters Eminem threw away.

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I’m sitting here wondering what the hell happened. Was everything a lie? The revelation of him being the opposite of woke hurts a little bit. I feel betrayed. You can’t be this progressive, free-thinking innovator and support Donald Trump—it’s impossible. Where’s the guy that interrupted a Hurricane Katrina relief spot to say “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people?” Donald Trump let Puerto Rico drown; the island didn't have electricity, fresh water, or food for months. Parts of it still doesn't have access to basic services. He treated them the same way Bush treated New Orleans, like they didn’t matter, as if they weren’t American citizens. But Kanye thinks Trump has “dragon energy.”

For years, I’ve tried defending Kanye’s behavior to parents, old heads, people who saw him for his bullshit before I was able to. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, saying that he just wants control of his intellectual property, that he’s big enough for a fashion house or sneaker company to help him bring ideas to life. “Nah, his ego isn’t that bad,” I would say. “He’s a genius!”

To quote Puffy: “It’s all fucked up now.” Sometimes it all falls down.

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