Back in 2016, surveillance footage surfaced showing Famous Dex attacking a woman. The footage showed Dex chasing a woman, with whom he was allegedly in a relationship, before hitting her multiple times. During his appearance on The Breakfast Club Wednesday morning, Dex was asked about the domestic violence incident.

At the 2:58 mark in the video up top, Angela Yee brought up the incident and asked Dex to address it further. "What I learned from that, I learnt a lot," Dex said. "Not just me putting my hands on a female, I just, me losing my mom, me being new to this music stuff, it was a lot of pressure on me, you know? So I just kinda blanked out right there. God is good. I'm glad everything kinda, you know, it went a different way. It didn't go, like, far. I didn't go to jail for it. She didn't get hurt or nothing. She had my king, she had my son, and I just wanna be forgetting about it."


After the incident, Dex claimed, he "kinda got blackmailed" with the release of the footage. Ultimately, however, Dex wants to be "truly forgiven" for what happened. "Listen, you don't put your hands on no female at all," he said. "I have two daughters. I love them, you know what I'm saying?" Speaking to the "young men who look up to me," Dex added that you "will lose a lot" if you do what he did.

Catch Dex's full The Breakfast Club interview, which also include his thoughts on Rich the Kid's Lil Uzi issues and quitting lean, up top.