It sure sounds like Bow Wow is flipping the trials and tribulations contained within the #BowWowChallenge hashtag into a new television property.

In a recent interview on the Shade 45 SiriusXM station, Bow Wow urged fans to keep the hashtag thriving ahead of the show's kickoff. "Everybody still doing it," he said around the 26-minute mark in the clip below. "But I need them to continue to do it because I have a show coming. It's confirmed, like, I'll show you off-air. But it's confirmed."

In a subsequent Instagram caption, Bow Wow reaffirmed the the #BowWowChallenge series is "real" and starts shooting in May. "I turned a fuck up into a million dollars," he said.

Bow Wow has spoken extensively about the perceived social media backlash he's inspired in recent years. In an interview with Power 106 last month, he compared the internet to a Keanu Reeves classic. "That stuff don't really get to me because when I go outside I don't see it, I don't feel it," he said at the time. "I really feel like the internet is the Matrix. We sit in the chair and connect our brains real quick and we dab into it. People can be rich online, knowing you're not, and you unplug it and now it's reality."

At the time of this writing, additional info on the #BowWowChallenge television experiment—including network, cast, and a release date—had not been announced. With shooting slated to begin next month, however, we can likely expect to see something from Bow Wow's latest TV venture before the end of the year.