Trippie Redd and Bow Wow have some new beef over their shared home state, Ohio. Though Bow Wow—who’s a native of Columbus—has recently been claiming Atlanta, he made some comments about owning his hometown. But Trippie—a native of Canton, Ohio, who’s also spent time in Columbus—took issue with Bow Wow’s remarks, and took to social media to air his grievances.

“You don't run this motherfucker over here. You're not from Ohio,” Trippie said on Instagram, and tagged Bow Wow’s handle @ShadMoss. When Bow Wow caught wind of the post, he responded via Twitter, writing, “Hes a fucking kid. What I look like going to war with a kid. Real shit. No respect giving to me for that. I'll let it slide.”

Trippie responded by calling Bow Wow some pretty harsh names, including “bitch ass ni**a” and “sissy ass ni**a.”