03 Greedo has been facing ongoing legal issues relating to multiple felonies for a while now, stemming from an arrest in 2016 where Potter County Sheriff deputies pulled him and a friend over after they claimed to smell weed. Having faced the possibility of a 300-year sentence, as Passion Weiss points out, it was reported last week that Greedo might have already been sent to prison.

"These racist judges ain't playing fair," he tweeted at the time. However, now it seems he's free, at least for now. According to The FADER, Greedo is facing 20 years in prison on gun and drug charges.

On his Instagram account, Greedo has posted a video where he explains that he hasn't gone to jail. "I'm not in jail... No, I'm not in jail," he starts the video. "I'm not lying about being in jail, the media lying. I don't have life, I do have a long time. I ain't going 'til the summertime. Okay? If you f**k with me, f**k with me. If you piss me off, I ain't tripping, unless it's some real, like, blood sh*t type of beef. [...] Let's turn up 'til I'm gone, I'm not in f**king jail."

During the clip he also says that he wasn't eager to just take the offer he was given in court regarding to his jail time, instead opting to get a little more time before he's off so he can go on tour and release some new music. "Let me get money for my kids," he explains. While it's unclear what deal he did take, he doesn't seem to be leaving his fans and family behind just yet.

On Twitter, meanwhile, he explained that he'd love to work with Chief Keef before heading to jail or prison.

"Sorry I let my fans down. At least we got some great music before I left y'all," he wrote on Twitter last week. "I wish I coulda stayed with my family but life isn't fair to some of us. [...] Never thought I'd have to retire the year I blew up."

We've reached out to Greedo's reps for comment and will update if they respond.