Travis Scott is gearing up for another legal battle.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the Houston rapper filed a lawsuit against a luxury car dealership after he was allegedly swindled out of $70,000 for a vehicle he never received. Richard Martinez, VIP Services, and Jorge Maldonado are listed as defendants.

Scott claims he had contacted Maldonado with the intention of buying a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan. Maldonado then hired Martinez, from VIP Services, to broker the deal. The suit states that Scott trusted Martinez because he had reportedly brokered numerous deals for high-profile clients, such as the Kardashians. When Scott was asked to wire a $70,000 deposit to close the deal, the rapper then complied. This is when the deal allegedly went south.

Months after he made the transaction, Scott allegedly never received the Lambo. Court documents state the 25-year-old is convinced Martinez and Maldonado were in cahoots to steal his money, which is why he has decided to take legal action to secure a refund.

It is unclear how much the rapper is suing for.

The news arrives several days after Scott was hit with a lawsuit over the cancelation of a Minnesota concert. Entertainment company PJAM claims it paid the “Antidote” artist a $150,000 advance for a performance scheduled for February 3—just two days after his daughter Stormi was born. Scott allegedly canceled hours before the gig, citing bad weather and logistics however, he was able to make it to a Las Vegas concert later that night.

PJAM is seeking more than $200,000 in damages.