Tory Lanez recently stopped by the UK's own Tim Westwood TV to talk about everything his love for his hometown, London being his largest market, and of course, his now squashed beef with fellow Toronto rapper Drake. While Lanez spent some considerable time describing his crowd surfing experiences, which apparently comes with fans getting a bit hands-y, he goes on to express appreciation for his city. "Toronto is my heart," he said in the interview.

Around the 16:40 mark, Lanez addresses his squashed longstanding beef with Drake, acknowledging the competition that can spring up with artists from the same city. "There's a lot of money to be made," he says of their decision last year to put an end to the issues between them that have been brewing since 2010.

It's an issue he also addresses on his latest album, with the track "Hate To Say," mentioning Drizzy and their settled differencesUltimately as two of the biggest artists to make it out of the city, it's likely they understood the value of working together.

He also touched on the meaning of his album's title, Memories Don't Die.

"People literally die every day...and the memories you share with these people who die.. are the things that keep lasting when you want to forget about it," he explained. "Every single song on [the album] is some sort of memory that I've had."