If you're an adult human who still believes that lyrics are literally always 100 percent autobiographical, then that's on you.

Though I'm not personally one for busting up harmless fantasies, TMZ certainly is. Friday, they ran a report disputing the dollar amounts cited in Logic's new Bobby Tarantino II cut "Wassup" and recent Zane Lowe interview. As you may have heard, the Big Sean-assisted track sees Logic use the second verse to Kanye-ishly discuss his "updated" deal with Def Jam as follows:

Told Def Jam no less than 20 mill and they cut that shit!

"Going from Section 8 and food stamps and welfare to 200 grand was life-changing, but the life change I'm talking about is the $30 million deal I just signed," Logic told Lowe earlier this week. "That shit freaked me out. I felt like a target."

According to the parade rain providers at TMZ, however, Logic isn't bagging "nearly as much as he claims." They allege that "sources" went out of their way to inform them the restructured contract doesn't land in the $30 million range. We reached out to a rep for Logic for comment.

$30 million deal or not, Logic is taking Bobby Tarantino II on the road. He recently announced the Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody Tour, which opens in Boston in June and wraps with a St. Louis date in August. Tickets are available starting today.