Apparently, Lana Del Rey's legal battle with Radiohead's has been squashed—according to her. On Sunday night, Del Rey headlined for a crowd of 100,000 at Lollapalooza Brazil in São Paulo. Just before closing her set, the songstress known for her somber ballads took a minute to set the record straight on her alleged lawsuit with the English rock band.

Months after confirming the rumors that Radiohead was seeking compensation for her Lust for Life track "Get Free," Del Rey has now revealed—in a pretty badass way—that the lawsuit has been settled. For her second-to-last song, she sang her personal manifesto "Get Free," which Radiohead has claimed rips off their song "Creep," and the crowd cooed along word-for-word. Del Rey seemed to have some extra fire in her after performing a set of both her new and classic anthems to the electric crowd of South American fans.

She paused after finishing "Get Free," crouching down to take a drag from a cigarette, and announced to the crowd, "Well, fuck! I mean, now that my lawsuit’s over, I guess I can sing that song anytime I want, right?"

The fans ate it up, cheering out in support of her apparent victory. Her pointed statement was a pretty rare instance for a singer who tends to choose her words carefully, but as a certified Lana stan I am living for the shade.

Although Radiohead's camp was never too clear about whether the lawsuit was ever officially filed or not, hopefully this marks the end of the beef between the legends. And luckily we'll be hearing "Get Free" for a long time to come.

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