Okay, so...Wendy’s might be gearing up to drop a fire mixtape, or at least that's what it seems like from a recent tweet. On Wednesday, the fast food chain wrote “Fresh, never Frozen Beats,” stamped with a March 23 release date. The tweet also includes a photo of what appears to be Biggie-inspired cover art of Wendy’s signature square beef patty with the phrase “Webeefin?” written underneath.

The white backdrop, font, and black and red text are reminiscent of the Brooklyn rapper’s classic Ready to Die album cover, but there are still so many questions left unanswered. Who does the fast food chain have beef with? Which producers have been making these never frozen beats? Did Biggie Smalls ever eat at Wendy’s?

The comments below the original tweet reveal little information about the project. One producer responded asking if they could send some beats Wendy’s way, but the chain responded, “It comes out Friday, it's already done. Sorry.”

When another user asks “Wendy's a soundcloud rapper now?” the store simply replies with a sly looking emoji. Whatever it is, it’s coming out on iTunes tomorrow, and it’s going to be free. 

Hopefully this project includes some kind of McDonald's diss track, you know, for the culture.