Los Angeles-based production duo DJDS is back with a new song and video today, bringing along one of their most impressive roster of guests to date. The production team previously contributed to five tracks on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo, but now they're back to pushing and creating music wholly their own, and "No Pain" is one of their finest moment so far.

Joined by Khalid, Charlie Wilson, and Charlotte Day Wilson, "No Pain" is a showcase of DJDS' talents while also making it clear how great they are at finding the right vocalists for their work. The legendary Charlie Wilson, as well as Charlotte Day Wilson, and Khalid, work well on the track. To make things even better, the video matches the tone of the song remarkably well.

Teaming up with Matt Sukkar for the gorgeous and cinematic video, DJDS have got some incredibly striking visuals on their hands here. Following the simple story of a man and woman stumbling across one another, enjoying each other's company, and going on somewhat of an adventure, things get a little more surreal as the video closes out. A lion approaches the pair, and the man begins to shed a single tear. 

Watch DJDS' video for "No Pain" up top.