SZA's mom is heard all throughout the singer's debut album, Ctrl, but it's her father who's the center of one of her latest tweet. 

A SZA enthusiast tweeted a clip of the singer's dad tearing up as he sings his daughter's song "Broken Clocks." "Every time I hear this song, sweetie, I'm in tears. I love this song," he said while wearing an official Ctrl embroidered dad cap. "I love your whole album but this is one of our favorite songs. Every time I hear this song I'm in tears."

Of course, SZA couldn't help but to respond to the emotional clip by telling her dad that she loves him and thanking him for giving her love in return.

SZA's dad isn't the only one who loves the track either. America's forever dad (and president of our hearts), Barack Obama named the track as one of his favorite songs from last year and included it on his 2017 playlist. Of course, SZA was pretty excited about that as well. The TDE singer and her fans recently brought the Grammy-nominated album to certified gold status.

But having your dad shed tears to your song is super special as well.