The NBA All-Star Game is always flanked by dozens events and parties throughout the weekend, but when Los Angeles plays host, the spectacle reaches new levels. Of the many parties surrounding this year's game was GQ's Saturday night celebration, which was presented by Neiman Marcus and sponsored by Remy Martin.

James Harden, Common, and Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman were among the famous faces in attendance at NoMad Hotel. As guests sipped on Remy Martin MVP-inspired cocktails, Metro Boomin served as the event's DJ and selected songs throughout the night.

The big draw for the party was Cardi B, who took the stage near the end of the night and performed "Bodak Yellow," which you can see above. According to a writer in attendance from the Los Angeles Times, Cardi admitted she wasn't rocking the red-soled Christian Louboutins she raps about in the song. "These are not bloody shoes, these are Steve Madden," she said. "So what. $120. So what."

"Everybody looks so rich and corporate," Cardi laughed before performing another song, "Bartier Carti."

Leading up to the weekend, Cardi B found herself on the receiving end of death threats after posting what many perceived as a diss to the Crips in an Instagram post that read: "I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin." The word "flue" is commonly used as a word of disrespect by Bloods, as a way to avoid using the word "blue."

Despite some LA residents sending her messages that said "#DONTCOMETOLA," Cardi fulfilled obligations at the GQ party as well as other hosting gigs this weekend. 

Compton rapper The Game came to Cardi B's defense on Saturday night after one of the events, saying, "Everybody that's overly trippin' just needs to chill. She's a good girl. We hollered about it. She ain't mean nothin'. She's got her whole thing that she represents and she stands for. That has to be respected. She's from a whole different side of America. We're from a whole different side of America and people that took offense, just shoot the shit under the rug and have a good time. It's All-Star Weekend. Everybody chill out."