If you've ever gone through the struggle of trying to discover new grime only to be forced to rely on the somewhat hit-and-miss 'similar artists' function, this news will be particularly welcome: Austin Daboh, Spotify's senior editor, announced that grime would now be recognised as a genre of music in its own right. So this means you'll be able to browse new artists and releases, and hopefully get some suggestions better tailored to you.

Despite having a few wrinkles to iron out between themselves and music labels and publishers, Spotify's influence and reach within the industry has increased even more this past year. As they move to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, and provide more in-depth content for fans, we don't see their power waning anytime soon.

'Grime' is now an official category on Spotify - this will make it easier for fans to find their favourite grime playlists ✅ pic.twitter.com/PeeKgjCduk

— Austin (@AustinDarbo) 2 January 2018