It hasn't even been two months since Sean Leon released C.C.W.M.T.T. (which we included on our list of favourite 2017 projects) but he's starting a new year showing that he's one of the hardest working in the biz by releasing a new three-track EP—or "episode" as Leon himself called it—entitled Leaving Soon.

Leon squeezes a lot into the three tracks, starting with "Winter" where he flexes his affinity for wordplay—"we take these leaves for granted, and then they leave; but granted, when that final leaf has landed..."—as well as the boastful confidence that has become his trademark ("I took a picture with your bitch flexing my middle fingers; cropped her out and left 'em in there, just to offend ya"). "Back" is a smoother, R&B-sample jam with Adria Kain contributing background vocals;  the final track is "By Myself Again," an introspective reflection that showcases a softer side that is a sharp contrast to the overt self-assurance of the first song. 

Keeping it all in the IXXI family, Leon called upon his trusted in-house producers Jandre Amos and Jack Rochon to craft the beats, with himself providing additional production, arranging and sequencing on both "Back" and "By Myself Again." Engineer Ethan Ashby rounds out the dream team.

Enjoy Leaving Soon above and be sure to follow Sean Leon on Spotify or Apple Music to stay up-to-date with his music. He's already shared that he has a lot more music coming down the pipe for 2018, so you won't want to miss out.

Photo by: @hoeshell