Lil Tracy dropped the official video for "Demons" Wednesday. The clip, shot by videographer Wiggy, sees Tracy clutching a bottle of Jameson while backed by a band inside a punkishly small rehearsal spot. The Marvy Ayy-produced track itself first surfaced back in November and features a line that previously appeared in Tracy's Lil Peep collab "WitchBlades," produced by Bighead and Yung Cortex:

When I die, bury me with all my ice on

In "WitchBlades," the line is repeated by both Tracy and Peep (RIP) before being switched up to:

When I die, bury me without the lights on 

Tracy and Peep linked up for multiple discography highlights, including the underrated "White Wine" and Peep's Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 1 single "Awful Things."


Peep, 21, died Nov. 15 of an accidental fentanyl overdose. "Ask yourself these questions: 'Do I really know this person? Have I sat down face to face and asked to tell me about himself? Do I know what matters to him? Do I know what he values?'" Peep's mother, Liza Womack, said at the Fascinating and Colorful Life of Iconic Gus Åhr memorial event in Long Beach in December. "Please do not make assumptions about people, or events, in ignorance. Try to step outside of your own box, and open your mind to new ideas. Must everyone fit into the box? Why must we have a box?"

As a tribute, Good Charlotte—cited by Peep as his "biggest influence"—performed a cover of "Awful Things." A studio version of the tribute cover was later released. "Every now and then a new artist comes along who you know is sure to change music," the band said in a statement. "Lil Peep was one of those artists."