Here we go again. After delaying (and eventually shelving) his mythologized Detox album countless times over the years, Dr. Dre has sparked a new wave of rumors about the project's eventual release.

ESPN reporter Chris Haynes found himself in the same building as Dr. Dre on Tuesday afternoon at a Golden State Warriors practice, and he couldn't resist asking everyone's favorite question: Is Detox actually permanently shelved?

Instead of immediately denying the idea that Detox will ever see the light of day, Haynes says that Dre responded, "I'm working on a couple songs right now. We'll see."

This is a surprising answer to hear from Dre, considering he bluntly admitted in August 2015 that he scrapped the album because he wasn't pleased with his work.

"I didn't like it," he explained at the time. "It wasn't good. The record, it just wasn't good. I worked my ass off on it, and I don't think I did a good enough job."

Always a perfectionist, it's unlikely that Dre will include those old songs on the project if he didn't like them, but it is a possibility he could use the name Detox on an album made up of new material—especially if he says he's working on a couple songs right now. Either way, Haynes' reports just sparked another round of speculation about an album that's now been rumored for over 15 years.

If you have any doubts about Haynes actually being in the same room as Dr. Dre today, he also shared photos, which you can see below.