New details have emerged about Chief Keef’s April run-in with Miami police.

The rapper was arrested after police spotted him and a friend making a marijuana transaction while in his green Lamborghini. Keef (real name Keith Cozart) ended up getting slapped with a DUI after cops noticed him looking inebriated and sipping on what they suspected to be lean. As it turns out, lean was partying with a bunch of other substances in his system at the time.

TMZ has reportedly got their hands on the results of the urine test from Cozart’s stop, which turned up positive for eight different substances including: Morphine, Codeine, Promethazine, Hydrocodone, Norcodeine, Dihydrocodeine, Hydromorphone and THC. The State's attorney reportedly dropped the DUI charge Tuesday due to a scheduling issue, only to refile it on Wednesday. 

As you may know, Chief Keef is not unfamiliar with battling legal woes. Despite releasing a steady stream of new music last year, including a few mixtapes, trouble seems to follow the young rapper consistently. In January 2017, the Chicago artist was arrested after police connected him to the home invasion and battery of his former music producer, Ramsay Tha Great. In June of the same year, following his Miami DUI, Chief Keef was arrested for a marijuana possession in South Dakota. Just last week, a warrant for his arrest was issued for failure to appear in California court following a bust on a suspended license.

Hopefully, Chief Keef can clear up his drama in court so he can hit the studio as planned.