Cardi B knows exactly how to use social media to get her fans excited for a new project, even if they have no idea what it is. The Bronx rapper recently shared a story to her Instagram account teasing that her “biggest dream might come true this month or next month.” She didn’t mention what this dream was but hinted that she had mentioned it a lot in interviews.

Cardi's fans immediately started speculating. A popular guess was that she had an upcoming collaboration with Lady Gaga; Cardi has spoken of Gaga’s influence in past interviews, and the two could certainly create something interesting by mixing their diverse sounds. Fans seemed to love the idea. 

But Cardi herself shut down those rumors, tweeting that though she wishes that were the case, she’s talking about something that doesn’t even have to do with music or business. The fact that this left fans with even less to go on than before was no excuse for them to stop guessing what Cardi is up to. 

If it's not music-related and it's not business-related, what else could Cardi have to share? It seems like it would have to be something personal. Some thought the news might be in the vein of some mini Offset x Cardi baby news. But Cardi made it clear that is definitely not in the cards straight away.

So the guesses kept rolling in, but any guess is as good as the next if Cardi keeps being this secretive. We’ll have to wait to hear what her big secret dream move is for a bit more, but what we can probably bet on is that it will be something shmooonneyyy.

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