2 Chainz just got a season 2 renewal for his supremely underrated Viceland series Most Expensivest. Vice Media and A&E Networks announced the renewal Tuesday, according to Deadline.

Most Expensivest—which was first born as the GQ web series Most Expensivest Shit—is a collaborative effort by Mustache and Condé Nast Entertainment. Season 1, shot in New York and Las Vegas, saw Chainz enjoying ridiculously high-end luxury, including weed-infused cuisine to wine. The first episode of the Viceland edition premiered back in November.

The next episode premieres Wednesday night and should offer some clarity on how heightened luxuriousness might help one survive a seemingly improbable zombie apocalypse.

"It wasn't on my vision board or anything, but that's the impetus of the whole thing for me," Chainz told Entertainment Weekly in November when asked to explain the difference between performing and hosting. "I'd like to be veering off into acting in the next four or five years. Being able to wing it with somebody on air that you’ve never met before is a talent in and of itself."

The most shockingly expensive item 2 Chainz saw in 2017, at least according to that same interview, was canned air. "You can't smell it, you can't shake it, you can't hear it," Chainz noted. "I don't know if it expires. That's wigging me out." Same.