Rap fans got a surprise Monday morning when a remix of Eminem's "Chloraseptic" surfaced. In addition to a new verse from Phresher, who was relegated to the hook on the song's original version, the track has a verse from 2 Chainz—likely the very same verse that the Atlanta rapper expressed disappointment about not making the album.

But even more notable than that was an entirely new verse from Shady himself. While it addressed the backlash from his Trump criticism ("I took a stand with the tan face, and practically cut my fan base in half," he says), the long verse also found the superstar addressing the negative critical response to aspects of his new album Revival. He acknowledged that many fans didn't like the lead single, the Beyoncé-featuring "Walk on Water," and were disappointed when they saw the tracklist, which was heavy on pop singers, and not on fellow rappers. 

"Not as raw as I was/'Walk on Water' sucked?/Bitch, suck my dick," he spits. "Y'all saw the tracklist and had a fit/Before you heard it/So you formed your verdict/While you sat with your arms crossed/Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs." 

Later on, he nods to the fact that Revival has not been met with the best reception from critics and listeners. He imagines fans' complaints:

"Revival's wack, I don't like the zombie track.../Where's all the content at?/What's with all the conscious rap?/Pink, Beyoncé this, and Kehlani that/I just add it to the fuel in my rocket pack," he rhymes.

You can stream "Chloraseptic (Remix)" below via Spotify or check it on iTunes/Apple Music.