It looks like Ty Dolla Sign and YG are going to be shelling out some serious cash to would-be Australian soccer star Nelly Yoa. Yoa claimed that the rappers assaulted him in a 2015 incident, resulting in physical and mental injuries that cost him a prospective soccer deal with the Melbourne City Football Club.

Yoa told TMZ that the rappers settled for at least $100K in order to keep things out of court and avoid a potential lawsuit. The 2015 incident came about when Ty and YG entered the VIP section of Eve Nightclub with their crew and attempted to make the other VIP clubgoers exit the area. When Yoa refused to leave, the rappers reportedly got to swinging at (and kicking) the young footballer. Yoa sustained head injuries which he believes cost him a contract that would've likely made him a very wealthy man. 

Ty and YG have not yet confirmed the settlement.