Trevor Jackson's 2017 has been interesting. From starring in the Netflix original film Burning Sands to being cast in the upcoming 2018 Freeform series (and black-ish spin-off) grown-ish to being rumored to be a part of Director X's Superfly remake, his acting game is on point. When not in front of the camera, though, he's in the music studio, letting that side of his personality fly.

Back in September, we premiered the video for Trevor's "Benz and My Wallet." Based on the lyrics, you wouldn't have expected the video to be a homeless man wallowing in his depression. The video tied into it, but it's dope to see an artist really trying to do something different with his visuals. Then again, Trevor's an actor, so that has to be a huge part of it.

As you can see up above, Trevor built up quite the tale with the first part of his "Night Time" video. We see him hanging with a woman who apparently has never seen his eyes. After taking her to his home, he has to abruptly end their time together because of the time. Fans have been sitting with baited breath for the last week, and today we pay off the build with part two of "Night Time."

When we asked Trevor about why he goes in this direction for these videos, he said he "was inspired by the days when music videos were more than just a video and were an event that told a story. I decided to write and direct this with my childhood friend Wyatt Stromer as an ode to the legends of the past."

Check out the second part of Trevor Jackson's "Night Time" video at the top of this post. You may want to keep the lights on, though.