As eager as most of us are to put this horrendous year as firmly in the rear view as possible, the remaining weeks ahead do potentially hold a few last-minute Best Album contenders. As expected, the unfuckwithable producer and underrated guitarist Mike Dean is behind several of these anticipated releases.

Late Sunday night, Dean crash-landed on Instagram with a photo of some in-progress mixing sessions. Though Dean didn't name names, he did reveal that the image could depict "any of the 3 albums I'm mixing this month." 🤔

Though this feels like the least likely option, there is a slight chance that Dean is referencing a Kanye West project. West has been spending time with Kid Cudi in recent months and has been confirmed by multiple G.O.O.D. Music affiliates as being in the studio zone, but the likelihood of getting a full-length Pablo followup before year's end doesn’t feel strong enough to bet on.

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Speaking of Pablo, Desiigner—who was once expected to drop his debut album this past summer—is now prepping two full-length projects for release. 

One of those projects, presumably, is the long-awaited Life of Desiigner album. The other is a potential sequel to his 2016 mixtape New English. Dean is expected to be executive-producing Life of Desiigner, telling Billboard last year that the "Panda" hitmaker is "a lot more of an artist" than some might think.

For this writer, the leading possibility here is Travis Scott and Quavo's rightfully hyped collab Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. Last week, Quavo told Zane Lowe the album was finished and "off for mixing." Dean previously confirmed his involvement with the project, but offered no additional details.

Scott and Dean, who previously gave us magic with Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, are also working together on Scott's AstroWorld. Given that the album is supposedly being accompanied by a massive amusement park–esque tour, my money is still on Huncho Jack being the album Dean's currently teasing on Instagram.

With Migos' Culture 2 set for release next month, the time is right for a Quavo x La Flame collab.