Travis Scott, music's leading inciter of punk rock riots, has been in a plethora of headlines over the past few days. But all of them have nothing to do with his music, which is bigger and more ubiquitous than ever. In a new interview with Rolling Stone's Jonah Weiner, Scott—during multiple chats backstage on his recent tour with Kendrick Lamar—offered a slice of insight into his current creative process.

Scott has been working on new music while on the road, something that's clearly invigorated him. "Just chillin', recording," Scott said of his current approach to cutting new tracks. "Formulating a story, the picture I'm trying to paint. It's fun making music on the road. I got a whole studio bus."

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Scott's forthcoming AstroWorld, which still doesn' have a release date, takes its name from a now-closed amusement park Scott frequented when he lived in Texas. "It had a Dungeon Drop, Greezed Lightnin', Superman," Scott said. "It was a way of life—fantasies, imagination." For the eventual AstroWorld tour, Scott is planning to bring the amusement park vibe with him by literally surrounding himself with actual rides. "I don't know why it hasn't been done already—I think people just don't do shit," he said. "Who makes stages these days that are cool?"

Elsewhere on the new music front, Scott has plenty of tracks already in the bag with Quavo. During a Migos interview with Montreality last week, Quavo—at around the 2:22 mark in the video below—said the joint album should drop soon. "We've been making a whole bunch of records; we got a lot of records together right now, we've probably got like 20 records, we just need to get some time and just sort 'em out," he said.