N*E*R*D's first album in seven years is out today, and thankfully apparent superfan Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the genre-smashing trio’s return in the best possible way. Kimmel dedicated nearly his entire Thursday night show to N*E*R*D with a pair of NO_ONE EVER REALLY DIES performances and an interview with Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell, Chad Hugo, and Shay Haly ran through featureless renditions of singles "Lemon" and "1000," both complete with an elaborate stage design and the artistic energy of Mette Towley.

Asked to explain the seven-year gap between Nothing and NO_ONE EVER REALLY DIES, Pharrell told Kimmel it's all about catching a feeling. 

"It's kinda like one of those things where you, like, it just hits you when it hits you," Pharrell said. "I don't think that, I mean, for me, I just can't make things for myself. I'm so much better at working with other people and producing and writing songs for other people because they inspire me. I don't inspire myself. I'm more, as a producer, like a mirror. I'm the guy that's like showing you who you are and interesting sides of yourself we can put on a record. But, in that same analogy, how does a mirror see itself in a mirror? I get lost."

The new N*E*R*D album is out now and features appearances by Rihanna, Gucci Mane, Future, Kendrick Lamar, André 3000, and more. Don't sleep on it.