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Chance the Rapper has an idea for a movie, but he needs your help to write it. He jumped on Twitter Friday afternoon with a loose plot outline about President Donald Trump getting an iPod for Christmas.

Chance explains that the iPod is a special iPod, however. It's Trump's very first iPod, giving him a chance to do something he's never done before: listen to music.

From there, Chance rattled off a few more details about Trump's magic iPod and its capabilities.

He explained that he needs the help of his 6.8 million Twitter followers to bring his idea to life, however. So, he made an open call for suggestions of a cast, soundtrack, and—perhaps most importantly—an ending.

Some of the suggestions he's getting from fans are pretty hilarious. Alec Baldwin emerged as an early front-runner for the lead role, based on the strength of his recent run on SNL portraying Trump.

As for the title, Chance leaned in the direction of a couple Apple-oriented fan suggestions: Feliz NaviPod or Apples and Oranges.

Getting a chance to write the ending is where people were able to get the most creative. One fan was inspired by a scene of The Office where Jim and Pam listened to the same iPod together. Another used the opportunity to think about Trump on his deathbed.

Chance the Screenwriter ended his Twitter spree by explaining that he also has an idea for a film about a racist police officer. So stay tuned for another chance to flesh out his ideas for the big screen, inspired by a movie he didn't exactly love, Bright. He also left the door open for more ideas about Trump's iPod, so hit him up here and let him know how you think it should end.