Metro Boomin says the hip-hop world doesn’t show him or Big Sean enough respect. But he’s hoping their new collaborative album, Double or Nothing, will change all that.

“I feel like as a rapper, niggas be sleepin’ on you,” Metro told Sean during a one-on-one interview. “Niggas underestimate you in certain ways. And I feel like niggas do the exact same thing with me... Still, I don’t get that respect, as a musician. I just feel like this album would be the perfect opportunity and platform to not even really shut it down, but just really to demand the respect.”

Republic Records shared a video of the interview Friday, just hours after Double or Nothing was released. Sean and Metro ended up exchanging questions and thoughts about the new project after the interviewer was a supposed no-show.

“Fuck this shit,” Sean said. “I’ll interview you, bro.”

The two then discussed their intentions behind the 10-track project, how it all came together, and the experience of working with one another. Sean said the album included “some of my best work,” and that it offered a level of quality that was lacking in music.

“Don’t nobody see the vision like we see it,” Sean said. “I feel like our vision was to get this shit out here for the fans, to get it out here because there was a shortage of quality music out here, honesty."

Metro agreed, and pointed to the oversaturated market.

“There's no shortage on music at all, but there's a shortage on that quality. Niggas got to stand out. Every week on Spotify there’s 30,000 new songs uploaded—on Spotify, iTunes, everywhere. 30,000.” the producer said. “Even when we drop our shit, we’re dropping with 30,000 other songs. It’s just about providing people with that quality.”

You can check out the full interview above. Double or Nothing is available now on iTunes and Apple Music