Over the weekend, Diddy made an announcement shortly after news broke that Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was selling the team due to allegations of workplace misconduct. Puff, who has previously expressed interest in buying the entire NFL, said he wanted to buy the Panthers and signing on Colin Kaepernick.

This was an impressive statement, but it didn’t seem to move one member of a San Francisco news team. KRON-TV’s Henry Wofford made some comments during a sports segment called “The World According to Darya,” saying he didn’t believe Puff’s offer and insinuating that the Bad Boy was high and drunk.

“The guy looks high right there in this video,” Wofford said. “He looks like he smoked a blunt and drank a 40. Come on, I’m not taking him seriously.” Earlier in the segment, he said Puff doesn’t have the funds to actually buy the NFL team.

“The problem is—I checked—Diddy is only worth $800 million and the Panthers are valued at $1 billion.”

Racism and Stereotyping is exactly why we must continue to make big moves like the one Diddy is trying to make! #Panthers #Diddy #NFL pic.twitter.com/NS2AXhzdEw

— Saint Thomas (@themvpsaint) December 18, 2017

After the segment aired, people were visibly upset that Wofford would stereotype Brother Love.

Proudly expressing stereotypes, during a live broadcast, is hardly a good idea.... #sharingIScaring

— Da_Skeptunes (@Robin_Volpi) December 18, 2017

You see a black mogul modeling his own brand and you think of smoking "blunts" and "drinking 40's"?!

— Treena Beena (@BrownieKat85) December 18, 2017

@Diddy . Hope you caught @DaryaKRONFolsom & Co. dawgin you on the air probably didn't because the show trash time slot , please shut her & every other person up with actions & buy the panthers . then switch the name to Black Panthers really piss em off . #BlackExcellence

— Kid Hendrix (@HendrixIsAlive) December 18, 2017

Nobody is taking Diddy serious about buying the Panthers but y’all took Trump serious enough to run for President? 🤦🏽‍♂️ How being an NFL Owner is more exclusive than being the President of the US?

— D. Rose (@DavidRoseTheBar) December 18, 2017

Darya Folsom and company managed to stereotype and make fun of a black man on national television because they don’t think he’s capable of buying an NFL team. That black man is Diddy who is worth 820 million and could probably buy the network she works on. #FireDaryaFolsom

— ☄ (@Pink_Fanatic_) December 18, 2017

@DaryaKRONFolsom Diddy is running a billion dollar company behind a desk, that's what he's doing. That was completely unprofessional of you and that shows just how ignorant you are for allowing the disrespect. You made this about stereotype's and BS straight up. Not a fan.

— #ThroughTheTrees (@GraffittiNotez) December 19, 2017

Wofford apologized, but the damage had already been done.

Diddy is a businessman who has the work ethic, success & contacts to run an NFL team.My response to @DaryaKRONFolsom question was regarding if he's serious about buying the team. She laughed at my joke. The snippet takes things out of context. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

— Henry Wofford (@HWoffordKRON4) December 18, 2017

No need to apologize, my man; you played your part well. You danced, you shined, and sprinkled a lil uncle ruckus for good measure.

A black man, worth in excess of 800 mill - self made, has his business acumen reduced to, "blunts, and 40's"... #HenryWofford #DaryaFolsom https://t.co/ljSrJyJ59W

— Aux Machi (@AuxMachi) December 19, 2017

Twitter was also looking for an apology from his co-anchor Darya Folsom, who laughed at his comments instead of correcting him.

Cool that’s his apology, where’s yours?

— Zommy (@SelenaShines) December 19, 2017

So you’re just gonna stand in the background and act innocent? Where is your apology Becky?

— big daddy* (@hellotangie) December 19, 2017

@DaryaKRONFolsom where’s your apology. You were complicit and made zero effort to admonish or shame the comment. You cackled along with him. Both of you need to be #fires

— ohsogauche (@ohsogauche) December 19, 2017

@DaryaKRONFolsom Where is your apology!?! It’s taking too long!!! @kron4news @AaronPeroTV you and @HWoffordKRON4 were quick to laugh and mock Sean Combs but are slow to reconcile. I am deeply offended and I sincerely hope @Diddy takes legal action.

— Courtney (@jmishon804) December 19, 2017

In a full statement on posted on Monday, he elaborated on his tweet, writing that Diddy “has the work ethic, wisdom, dedication and contacts to be a successful NFL owner.”

Although it was said in an attempt to be funny, I realize insinuating a person may be drunk or on drugs is nothing to joke about. For that I sincerely apologize to Mr. Combs, his fans and everyone who was offended. Dozens of Diddy’s twitter followers have accused me of playing on racial stereotypes. That was not my goal. But I understand my comments had that impact and for that I sincerely apologize.

Sean Combs has a long history of success in the music industry and he has done a wonderful job investing millions of dollars in multiple businesses. He has a great reputation for making large donations to help the community. He’s a man who has worked from the bottom to the top and for that I respect his accomplishments. My comment was never intended to downplay what Diddy Combs has accomplished as an entrepreneur nor was it intended to question what he’s capable of accomplishing in the future. Sean Diddy Combs has the work ethic, wisdom, dedication and contacts to be a successful NFL owner.

You can read his entire apology here. Can we just let Puffy be great?

A lot of times people see your dreams as crazy... Don't ever be afraid to dream.

— Diddy (@Diddy) December 19, 2017