Noah "NoMBe" McBeth has been bubbling up for a minute now with his soul-infused brand of indie pop. Tracks like "Freak Like Me", "Signs" and "Catch Me" were all massively well-received when he dropped them earlier this year. The latter, in fact, even got the seal of approval from Pharrell. Not letting that go to his head, NoMBe clearly went straight back to work because we've already got another single this year: "Jump Right In".

"'Jump Right In' is a more upbeat record that picks apart some the times my significant other would let worry and fears get the best of her," he explained to Complex via email. "It's generally a song about letting go, even when you first meet someone and you realise being closed off won't get you far. Musically, I tried pairing this idea with production that has a more laid-back, summertime feel that mirrors jumping into an ocean or pool. As with most of my records this song is best consumed road tripping or at your soonest family BBQ."

Light, groove-filled and with enough warmth to make you forget how cold it is outside, "Jump Right In" more than lives up to its predecessors. If you haven't already, get to know NoMBe below.