Anushka, a Brighton-based duo who combine soul, jazz, house and hip-hop to create their own distinctive form of electronic music, released their single "Do You Have Soul" last month as they work on their forthcoming EP, but are now back with a brand new track called "Mountains". Backed by Max Wheeler's production, singer Victoria Port glides effortlessly over the beat, resulting in a future-facing, electro-tinged soul number fit for various occasions.

In an email to Complex, Anushka explained that "'Mountains' came together in a day. It's about how we are so often thrown into situations with people and they just aren't ready to step up and be in the moment. It's about personal growth and how we move on from people. It's about how we reconcile and forgive. It's about how we become our own strength. I liked the spiritual reference of the transfiguration on the mountain and ran with that; of being reborn, in a way. We tried something a bit different with this one sonically; sort of wonky, psychedelic hip-hop you can play in a house set. Victoria's vocal took it somewhere completely different too, and that's the Anushka way."

Listen exclusively below.