Lil B, the legendary rapper, philosopher, and historical online figure, has taken to Twitter, where he follows an impressive 1.57 million accounts, to air his thoughts on a wide range of issues. In recent days the Berkeley, CA native has tweeted on racism, white supremacy, mental health, and the racially motivated hypocrisy surrounding the narrative around the shooter who murdered scores of people and injured hundreds more in Las Vegas.

Lil B then turned his attention to white people in hip hop, praising some while criticizing others.

In the middle of that, he singled out Post Malone

Malone didn't take kindly and fired back, calling the account fake.

After confirming that he was in fact the storied Lil B, the Berkeley rapper continued to criticize Post Malone in a series of tweets. 

In between the barrage of insults, Lil B said that his initial tweet at Post Malone was meant to be a joke. He only continued, he said, because Post Malone responded by telling him to “die.”

Some people were on Lil B's side; others, not so much. Many just got a laugh out of the whole thing. 

The two have been featured together on Gucci Mane's track "Embarrassed" with Riff Raff​. Only time will tell if this back-and-forth will end in a curse