The woman who is suing Usher for $20 million for giving her herpes has come forward and revealed her name and identity. In new court documents obtained by TMZ, the woman previously known as Jane Doe is Laura Helm. 

In previous legal docs, Helm claims to have slept with Usher on two separate occasions. The first time occurred on April 16 in Atlanta when a condom was used during intercourse. The second time, which happened 12 days later, they did not use protection. 

In the latest court documents, Helm provided even greater details of their interactions. Helm describes her relationship with Usher as being platonic friends. She says that she was drawn to the singer through talk about his humanitarian efforts in Africa. During their first encounter, she said Usher "behaved very badly," adding that "she never saw him finish because she saw him run to the bathroom."

Helm was quite descriptive of their second time together, claiming Usher set the mood that night by playing jazz music and going down on her. A "few days" after their unprotected encounter, Helm says she "noticed an unusual bump on the inside of her cheek." Following that discovery, she noticed another similarly-sized growth on her vagina a few days later. She described the bump as "the size of a green pea."