Kicking off his brand new EP Sweyn Flu, AZN Network's Sweyn Jupiter is back with gritty rap heater "Never One Of Us" (out September 29; pre-order here), co-produced by Nguzunguzu​'s DJ NA and laced with searing bars from J Black. Unsurprisingly, given all three artists' histories, "Never One Of Us" is a thundering, club-ready track that blurs the boundaries between hip-hop and club music. The combination of J Black's melodic flow and Sweyn and NA's punishing, hi-def production makes for a banger that's simultaneously woozy and energetic. The rest of the Sweyn Flu EP continues that thread with club tracks that combine elements as varied as acid, grime, trap, and the kind of cinematic sounds that wouldn't sound out of place on the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack.

Stream "Never One Of Us" exclusively below.