It's been more than two years since we've gotten a full album release from Miguel, and all signs indicate that he's gearing up to bless us with one in the very near future. Within the past month alone, the eclectic singer has dropped off not one, but two new singles. He's also been staying busy by doing low-key covers of other artists' songs. So it's only right that Miguel slid through The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night to provide some contemporary vibes.

He first performed a stripped-down, sensual rendition of one of his aforementioned recent tracks, "Sky Walker," which features Travis Scott, though Scott sadly did not join Miguel for this performance. While introducing "Sky Walker," Colbert also casually mentioned the name of the album it's set to appear on: War and Leisure. Up until now, the title has been under wraps, but it sounds very on brand for Miguel.

Miguel kept things flowing by following "Sky Walker" up with "Come Through and Chill" a loosie he dropped last summer. It was a beautiful, but unexpected choice, since he has another recent song, "Shockandawe," that he could have promoted by performing. It's unclear if "Come Through and Chill" will appear on his upcoming album, but it seems like it's pretty safe to assume so.

And in case you couldn't see in the dim light, Miguel delivered a powerful, timely statement through his wardrobe, in defense of DACA recipients who are on the brink of deportation:


#skywalker on @colbertlateshow TONIGHT + a huge announcement #keepthekids #deporttheracists

A post shared by Miguel (@miguel) on Sep 20, 2017 at 5:51pm PDT

"Keep the kids. Deport the racist." Amen. Keep it coming, Miguel.