Miguel has dropped yet another track, titled "Shockandawe." The song has a slightly different vibe than what we would normally expect of Miguel; it sounds a lot more rock-influenced, with a heavy guitar riff as the main backdrop of the song. 

"Bang bang, baby, break yourself/Lose control when I take the world/I dropped the bomb/Did I take your bomb?/Just shock and awe/Better brace yourself," Miguel sings in the chorus. 

This single follows the late August release of "Sky Walker," in which Miguel collaborated with Travis Scott. The accompanying video featured direction credits from both Miguel and Director X. As of now, there have been no album announcements, nor confirmations that these new releases are part of a new album. That said, Miguel appeared on Snoop Dogg's GGN show in July and teased that he was working on not one, not two, but three different projects.

“Right now, just wrapping up a project," Miguel told Snoop. "I feel like I’ve been creating three projects simultaneously. So the one that’s the most complete is kind of what I’m wrapping up now.”

Miguel's last full-length album, Wildheart, was released in 2015. Earlier this year, he was featured on an RL Grime song, "Stay for It," on top of other collaborations with Dua Lipa and DJ Premier.