Northern and Southern Cali finally got together on a track. Proud Berkeley native Lil B and Compton's YG have joined together to release the new track "Young Niggaz," which premiered on Friday night on WorldStarHipHop.

The song, which you can hear above, was produced by the Based God himself. It finds Brandon obsessed with guns. 

"I be in the club with a K," he raps. "I be at work with a hammer/Trying to invest in a ladder/Niggas out here get splattered/I don't leave the house without a hammer." 

YG's wide-ranging verse goes a lot of places, but in one memorable moment, he mentions that he never had any time for a certain television icon: "I ain't never fucked with Oprah/Young nigga, Keyshia Cole on my poster." 

You can hear "Young Niggaz" above.